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Pasta Nutrition

Nutrition experts routinely recommend a balance of both whole and enriched grains to ensure a nutritionally complete diet that provides the essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. (Phytonutrients are the health-protective substances in plant foods – fruits, vegetables and grains – that promote health and help reduce risk of chronic disease.) Pasta is a perfect foundation…
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How Long Does Pasta Last?

Here is a quick guide to pasta expiration dates: Pantry Refrigerator Freezer Past Printed Date Past Printed Date Past Printed Date Dry Pasta lasts for 1-2 Years -- -- Dry Noodles last for 1-2 Years -- -- Fresh Pasta lasts for -- 4-5 Days 6-8 Months Fresh Noodles last for -- 4-5 Days 6-8 Months Cooked Pasta lasts for --…
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Saturday Naked Market & More!

Join us this Saturday at Naked Pasta in The Village of West Greenville at 9:00 am to 11:oo am for our farmer's market! You can stop in grab fresh produce from Reedy River Farms, farm fresh eggs from Merciful Hearts Farm, USDA certified organic beef from Gibson Farms, delicious vegan & gluten-free treats from Energi…
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