On Tortellini

On Tortellini

Did you know yesterday was National Tortellini Day? That’s okay, we did not know either until we dug deep into the Interwebs to learn all we could about these little pockets of love. We just made our first test batches of tortellini this week, you see, and we have to admit to being more than a little bit smitten with the little guys.

First, let us be perfectly honest – the official “legend” of the tortellini is both a bit creepy and a little gross. As the story goes, an innkeeper hosted Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, one evening and was so captivated by her beauty that he could not resist spying on her through the keyhole to her room. Somehow, he only caught a glimpse of her navel but was struck with inspiration to create a pasta in its image.

We apologize if you never look at a tortellini the same way ever again. Rest assured, we will not either.

Peeping Toms and belly button imagery aside, the tortellini is hailed as a true classic part of Italian cuisine. The practice of hand filling and carefully folding each tortellini is a culinary work of art, with each delectable morsel as unique as a snowflake itself. Learning the process is a perfect example of “practice makes perfect” as our first few runs of tortellini were either too full, not full enough, or folded in such a manner that they did not resemble any tortellini – or belly button for that matter – that we have ever seen.

Soon, however, we found our rhythm and technique and found ourselves dining on our first batch of Naked Pasta cheese tortellini. We combined ricotta with a touch of fresh, organic parsley, a Romano and Parmesan cheese blend, and a dash of black pepper for a delicious cheesy filling. The fresh pasta was the perfect casing for the little pocket of love waiting for us inside and, frankly, we cannot get enough of it.

So, here we are on the Day After National Tortellini Day (also known as Valentine’s Day if you are into that sort of thing) excited about a new menu item that we suspect will be a staple product going forward. Naturally, we will play around with different fillings and put some fun twists on classic recipes, simply because that is what we love to do. Follow us on the social medias to see what we are up to and stop on by the kitchen to say hello. As always, thanks for reading and eating with us!

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