On The Lamb – January 30, 2020

On The Lamb – January 30, 2020

If you follow Naked Pasta, you know that we source as much as we can locally, especially our meat. That is why we use whole ground sausage from Turtle Creek Farms in Travelers Rest, ground beef from Gibson Farms, and chicken from Southern Berkshire Farms, both in Westminster. So, naturally, when a customer at the Birds Fly South holiday market told us her son was raising lamb, she immediately had our attention. Now, just over a month after that initial conversation, we have received our first order of pasture raised Grimshaw Farms ground lamb out of Williamston.

Fans of lamb love the much bolder flavor the meat carries compared to beef while, admittedly, some people find the meat a bit too gamey for their tastes. This flavor profile can vary from farm to farm and breed to breed so the first thing we did when we received our lamb delivery was thaw out a package to try it out for ourselves. We pattied up some burgers and were happy to find that the Grimshaw Farms lamb was both more flavorful than ground beef while not being the least bit gamey at all. Anyone new to the lamb game should find this to be a perfect gateway to trying less conventional meats.

As for the health benefits of lamb, they are similar to grass fed beef making it rich in CLA’s, B-vitamins, Omega-3s, and amino acids. Lamb (and their older brethren, sheep) also have the historical significance of being among the very first domesticated animals in human history, providing our earliest ancestors with meat, milk, and wool as they transitioned from nomadic hunter/gatherers to the world’s first farmers. Enjoying lamb is our DNA, so to speak, and who are we to deny our bodies such beneficial fuel?

All of this being said, we are super excited to tell you that we will be putting together Grimshaw Farms lamb and Forx Farm Gouda raviolis and lasagnas later this week. If you have not had Forx Farm'’ cheeses yet, you can find them at Swamp Rabbit Café & Grocery, their bi-weekly winter market at their facility in Anderson, or at the TD Saturday Market on Main St. from May through October. They make nine different flavors of Gouda – all of which are delicious – but for this exercise we will use the sharp variety which balances perfectly with the lamb (we actually mixed some into our burgers this weekend, a move we wholeheartedly endorse going forward).

This is what we love about being a part of the local food system – meeting new customers, hearing their stories, and developing new relationships. Keep an eye on our Facebook or Instagram feeds this week as we will let you know there when these fresh lamb goodies are available for purchase. Thanks for reading and eating with us!


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