Hold the Cheese, Please

Hold the Cheese, Please


Working in the food industry means you have to keep in tune with a vast array of dietary habits, practices, and restrictions and, in general, we do place significant importance on trying to offer a little something for everyone. Our standard product line can be easily divided between vegetarian and meat items, we offer vegan options in noodles, ravioli, and lasagna, and we like to keep gluten-free lasagnas and bakes on hand as well. Any time we do not have any of those latter options in-store or at the farmers market, it probably means that our friends at Swamp Rabbit Café & Grocery bought all we had so please remember to look for us there.

This week, after a few recent requests, we made a brand new ravioli with a whole different dietary practice in mind – dairy free. We most often pair our meat fillings with classic ricotta cheese for texture or something more creative from a local cheese maker like Forx Farm or Blue Ridge Creamery for something unique and the cheese we choose is always an important recipe conversation (unless we are specifically going for a vegan alternative). It is easy to fall into the simple belief that meat is the first thing to go when dealing with dietary changes and, admittedly, we have not given enough consideration to those that still love a good steak while not getting along so well with cheese or other dairy products.

We are happy to share that today we have begun to solve that problem with a new dairy free beef ravioli. We cooked up some delicious Gibson Farms beef and, instead of reaching directly for the ricotta and Romano cheeses, we set some aside for a dairy free option. We added a touch of onion and organic parsley to the ground beef for a ravioli filling that is nothing short of delicious and perfectly suitable for anyone looking to reduce or completely avoid lactose from their diet.

To be fair, making tasty ravioli is a breeze when using a base ingredient such as Gibson Farm’s ground beer. All of Gibson’s cattle are grass fed and grass finished right here in the Upstate and, in fact, they are the only Certified Organic beef farm in South Carolina. The result is a product that is packed full of flavor and far healthier than conventionally raised beef products.

So, whether you are a traditionalist that wants ground beef, creamy ricotta, and a little crunch of onion that kind of eats like a cheeseburger, our tried and true beef ravioli is ready and waiting. If you want the meaty goodness without the dairy, we can now offer you something there as well. We will even be doing versions of this using Turtle Creek Farms pork and Grimshaw Farms lamb in the weeks ahead so stay tuned for some more dairy free options going forward.

Do you have any specific dietary restrictions that we have not considered? If so, we are only a phone call, e-mail, or direct message away. Everything we do is done in small batch quantities and we are happy to tailor recipes to fit individual needs, within reason, of course. It never hurts to ask and we are always eager to help so let’s talk about how we can be of service in bringing the healthiest meals to your dinner table soon. Thanks for reading and eating with us!

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